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Happy Holidays

Welcome to my fan site!


Congratulations - Champagne Bottle
Joel and Kim are expecting a baby in April 2004 !!!!
These are the updates to the site as of 12/25/03:

The following updates have been made:
Current Season Statistics have been ADDED.
Kokudo Lions pictures have been ADDED.
Biography page has been changed.
2001-02 statistics have been moved to current season statistics page.
2002-03 statistics have been moved to current season statistics page.
New flags (South Korea & Slovenia) added to our visitors page

Joel has given us permission to be his official website !!!!!
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Kokudo Lions
Joel skating.
Picture by Yuki Hidaka

Joel has been included on a great new website.
Please check out Hockey Heritage North.

This website was last updated on December 25, 2003.

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